import pictures into Excel cell
import complete file folders

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IMAGE-XLS - import pictures into Excel cells or comments automatically.
Import complete file folders with pictures into Excel sheet.
Sorting and filtering the Excel sheet, including the pictures

free DEMO-Download for 32 Bit Office free DEMO-Download for 64 Bit Office

Thank You so much !!! Your program work great. I imported 1948 picture to match my data. Again thank you, Jeff
                                   (Jeff T., Elm Grove)

IMAGE-XLS is a professional Software application to import pictures or PDF files into excel cells or comments. Four different picture import options ensure best results. Sorting and filtering the Excel sheet, including the pictures.

  • Import pictures into Excel cell with fix dimensions
  • Insert pictures in Excel, proportional scaled
  • Integrate images into cell, proportional recalculated over integrated IrfanView interface
  • Import pics in Excel cell, proportional recalculated with included resizer
  • Import picture-paths from selected file folder
  • Generate picture-path
  • formulate conditions when to import picture
  • filter and sort Excel sheet including the pictures
  • Import pictures from Web-Url
  • set import 'from row' and 'up to row'
  • all settings are saved
  • user interface and dialogs in english and german
  • setup with MSI-Installer
  • possible to run on TerminalServer
  • and more...

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